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Web Analytics

Understand your customers and their actions in detail using visitor profiles
Web Analytics

Track all important actions and transactions using custom events

Visitor Profiles lets you track individual level customer information and actions. You can attach properties to your customers to later segment your data based on values of these properties.

Detailed customer profile view lets you see all past sessions of your customers, event timelines in these sessions and funnel completion rates.

Track all important metrics and transactions using custom events

Powerful custom event mechanism of Leap lets you log any custom metric you need together with key-value based attributes for those metrics.

Track important milestones, customer interactions or transactional statuses in your web application with ease.

While reporting your custom events, you’ll be able to visualise event occurance over time as well as breaking down your events based on custom attributes.

Optimize your conversion funnels and goal completion rates

Track important conversion funnels in your web application, such as checkouts. See the number of customers passing through each step of your conversion funnel as well as how many times each step action is performed. Filter your funnel data based on tags you apply to your customers or based on general properties such as geography or customer device.

Scale to billions of data points and still have access to real-time data

Leap can process, store and analyze billions of data points in true real time thanks to its scalable and battle-tested architecture. Execute dynamic queries against dynamic data streams originating from your Linux and Android based devices.

Extend Leap to make it work exactly the way you need it to

Create your own Leap Plugins to process and visualize data in any way your business needs. Forward part of your data to external data streams/stores such as AWS Kinesis/Hadoop, customise/white-label the user interface as you see fit, and make your data work for your unique needs!

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